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You have questions… we have answers!! 
Here are some of the MOST ASKED questions & the answers to help get
YOU ready for your trip to the 
2024 Harris Clash at Deer Creek Speedway!

Q: Why should I register early?

A: Registering early can save you both time & money. The lines get really long the day of the Harris Clash and you will have to wait to draw your starting spot until we have your information in the MYRacePass System that IMCA uses for the line ups, ect. If you register early, you skip the registration line and go right to the draw line. (you can register up until 5PM day of online)

Q: How do I register if I want to pay cash/check?

A: A: We can now do that! On the Harris Clash Registration page there is a Pay-At-The-Track form you can fill out & submit before you get there & pay your fee with Cash/Check at the Registration table. This will save you time the day of the race.

Q: I missed the 2024 Harris Clash Early Registration, can I still register?

A: YES! You can register for the 2024 Harris Clash ONLINE up until 5PM that day!
Unfortunately, you will have to pay the $25 late fee. This makes the registration fee:

Q: What Rules will Deer Creek Run?

A: The Harris Clash has always been an IMCA Sanctioned Event and runs ALL IMCA Rules. Deer Creek Speedway uses the IMCA Rules this night. You CAN find those on IMCA.COM **There WILL NOT be a Pre-Tech Tent this year, however IMCA will be there to look at any racecar or answer pre-race rule questions before the event.

Q: Do I need an IMCA License?

A: Yes. If you do not have one, you can purchase one there from IMCA.

Q: Do I need a Transponder?

A: Yes. Deer Creek Speedway uses the MyLaps Scorekeeping system. Westhold Transponders WILL NOT work. Bring your Transponder ID# to check in. IMCA will have transponders to rent for $20. When you return it at the end of the night, they will refund you $10.

Q: What gear should I run?

A: Deer Creek is a FAST track. Here are some Harris Clash driver suggestions.
SportMod: Crate: 5:30-5:67 Open: 5:67-5:83
Modified: Crate: 5:29-5:42 Open: 5:82

Q: Can we buy Fuel/ Tires at Deer Creek?

A: Fuel: YES! Mensink Race Products will be selling fuel at the Harris Clash. Tires: Possibly, but not very likely. If you have questions about the products available at Deer Creek please CALL Mensink Race Products 507-884-2870.

Q: What time do the Deer Creek Speedway Pits open?

A: Great News! The Deer Creek Pits will be open ALL DAY!! At 3PM the Pit Pass Shack will open & they will CLEAR the pits so EVERY ONE an get their PIT PASS. Pit Passes CANNOT be purchased before AUG 8TH.
Pit Passes: Adults $35/Child $20/Under 5 $5

Q: Can I buy Grandstand Tickets before the Harris Clash?

A: YES! Grandstand reserved seating tickets are on sale through the Harris Clash Website. You may ALSO buy tickets Day of the race. Grandstands open at 4PM.
Grandstand Tickets: Adults $20  Child $5

Q: Can we buy 2024 Harris Clash T-Shirts?

A: YES! The 2024 Official Harris Clash T-Shirt will be available AUG 8TH at Deer Creek Speed way. We will have 2 T-Shirt Stands: 1 in The Pits by the check-in table & 1 just inside the Grandstand Gate. These are limited edition & when they are gone, they are gone.


Q: I Forgot to get the 2023 Harris Clash T-Shirt, do you some?

A: YES! We have a VERY limited number of sizes left. When they are gone, they are gone.

Q: Will The 2024 Harris Clash be streamed?

A: YES! The 2024 Harris Clash WILL be streamed LIVE on IMCA.TV the day of the event! If you are unable to attend in person, this is a GREAT way to catch all the exciting racing action you have come to expect from the Harris Clash!


Q: Where can I find the Harris Clash Payout?

A: The website has the Harris Clash Payout is listed under Fan/ Racer Info Tab. This is the BEST place to see the Payout, Racer Bonuses & Contingency awards for the 2024 Harris Clash. Purse may have increased since you last looked.

Q: I didn't pick up my check after the Harris Clash, how will I get that?

A: Deer Creek Speedway will send out any check/certificate that is not picked up at the end of the evening. If your address is different than what IMCA has on file, please contact them at: 1-877-DCS-Race or 507-754-6107.

Q: I didn't get the IMCA Sponsor contingencies when I got my check, when will I get that??

A: The IMCA Sponsored contingencies come directly from IMCA, and are sent out after the event. If you have questions on that please contact: Carson Becker-Gramm @ 319-318-0830

Q: Who is part of the 2024 Manufacturer Cup?

A: We thank GRT Race Cars, Harris Auto Racing, Jet Racing, Lethal Chassis, Razor Chassis, Shyrock Racing Components, Performer Chassis, & VanderBuilt Race Cars for taking part in the $500 Bonus if the 2024 Harris Clash Champion drives one of these chassis brands!

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